Political hypocrisy and ignorance of Indian English media

Kejriwal is running Delhi government 1 year achievement advertisement in ETV Bihar. It clearly states his name. From any stretch of imagination, it does not make sense. Majority viewers of this channel are in Bihar not in Delhi. One justification could be the migrant population in Delhi, but that’s like yudhishthir’ half truth. An advertisement about honesty is run with dishonest intentions to influence a section of voters from entire Delhi. What else is political dishonesty? How he is different from an average politician appeasing a section to defeat other?

No English media will show any outrage on this. They remind modi of achche din but should not they remind kejriwal also of honest intentions?

Next is outrage on patriotism. It has been picked up wholesale from western outrage about army being used for the purpose of advancing political goals. The crucial difference though is no empire making by India. Western nations used patriotism to exhort folks to enlist for expansionism while Indian armed forces are involved in defending against the invaders stationed in Pakistan. Every political party uses state machinery but the scale of it is outrageous in western countries. Enlisted men dying in Iraq needs heavy dose of patriotism which definitely needs opposition in universities. Army dying in Kashmir is not expansionism but protection against it. Slight oversight in Kargil created a big incident. We need to be over vigilant and English media chooses to gloss over it. They keep expressing their outrage using western monikers and then wonder why TRP is going down.

Its time for English media to fold and leave journalism to Hindi media which does not think in Oxford traditions of last 200 years created in reaction to British expansionism. We have had enough of their outrage against our sensibilities. We cannot lose our only home to become like Jews who had to endure multiple persecutions to get back their Homeland.

There is attack on non organized religious places like India and China from religious NGOs. English media has become a tool in their hand and its time to throw them out.

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Well orchestrated campaigns to derail governance

What’s happening now or in last one year, has been a very co ordinated and well oiled campaign to malign government by using bait and trap system. Someone somewhere makes a inflammatory statement and get a fall guy to come in front. State has no choice but to detain the fall guy as he was in forefront and no action would mean setting precedent.

Rohith vemula, kanhaiya kumar etc are just a bait used by sinister forces to force government to use action against the clueless student leaders.

Its a very well known fact since long that most government educational institutions have turned into a den of lawlessness by unproductive folks. Most of JNU, HCU, AMU alumni from non science background are utterly unemployable except in similar institutions. They just have no inclination to take anyone forward. If they are so anti government, what forced them to study in a subsidised institutions. They can always leave and wage ideological wars. Why taking money from state whom they consider as the tool of oppression. Who pays for 15k per month of folks like Rohith? None of the tax paid by poor goes into this subsidy? Where is there concious living in swanky JNU campuses whwn poor lives in laxminagar and yamuna par? Where is the sensibility of them when their leaders use AC cars?

Anti India forces are financing the students to issue provocative statements and indulge in crass behavior.

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Net neutrality farce played out in India

I am suddenly getting a feeling that an elaborate fraud was stage managed in India recently with the active collaboration of TRAI, FB, JIO, Airtel and other unknown actors.

Evidently, net neutrality proponent won and they are thumping chests triumphantly, but it seems to a orchestrated campaign to let a real evil get entry through backdoor while keeping scared about an imaginary monster of huge proportions.

FB, Airtel and Reliance did not spend so much money for nothing. In coming times, their real gains from this managed drama will soon start coming.  I do not know what those gains are or what backdoor has been opened but something has been done for sure. Total Victory of net neutrality campaign against giants like FB, Reliance etc is too good to be true. These big corporations will not give up so easily.

Most likely scenario seems to be the propping up of dummy opponents who kept making lot of noises by hijacking the agenda smartly while letting the real agenda hidden.

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Refugees of Europe Vs Refugees of India

Our media suddenly becomes super active at the plight of refugees and their manners when those manners are questioned. Their favorite examples are always from western countries telling how they take freedom so seriously.

Take the case now. Suddenly, lot of refugees coming to Europe from Syria and other places threatened by attacks on their homes by westerners and the real face of westerners suddenly getting exposed. Suddenly all these champions of freedom lecturing india about it are talking about values and ethos of European life and how refugees do not honor those.

Where are all these concerns when millions are flooding India every year? Why indians should not have concerns about bad behavior of refugees? The same European convoys suddenly becomes very vocal against indian sensibilities but are very quiet when own house is in trouble.

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Syria and the politics to find a reason to maintain middle east presence

Looking into various reports in the media, I get the feeling that the Syria situation is more about creating a situation where USA could justify presence of its military forces in middle east.

All of a sudden, we are informed that a dreaded force named ISIS/ISIL has emerged which can attack or harm anyone in the world. Even if this is considered true, we are yet to see a credible leader from this group who is not behind a black veil. All statements attributed to them comes through some social media sources or unconfirmed reports from western media sources. Why do these people need to be covered in all black? Why it is so difficult to stop fund flow to them? If I am not mistaken, financial sanctions against Iran and North Korea has been very successful, at least from western sources. Why the same cannot be done to ISIS/ISIL? After all, all areas around supposed ISIS territory are under direct USA control, either through NATO or through proxies.

The circus that’s continuing where everyone is pounding Syria trying to kill ISIS is extremely hilarious. Why everyone has to find ISIS in separate places? If they all agree that ISIS is real threat, what is stopping them from coming together with Bashar government and work to destroy Daesh? Is Bashar bigger threat than ISIS than no one is willing to work with him except Putin who has to intervene to stop yet another neighbor of Federation falling into western hands? How come ISIS surviving despite so much pounding since so long? And most importantly, what happened to the earlier dreaded group Al-Qaeda that was supposed to have branches everywhere? A lot of unanswered questions and any answer only comes via western media sources who have shown their sheer willingness to follow USA official policy since time immemorial. Their credibility is at the lowest now given their past of transmitting wrong facts provided by administration continuously.

I can keep presenting various arguments but most important point is who wants USA to maintain its military presence in middle east continuously? USA continues to find one or another excuse to keep its military around red sea and Persian gulf in full numbers. I know the answer it seems but then do not have concrete proof.

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Politics of intolerance and its fallouts

Egged on by someone and with a time tested Bollywood as well as own strategy of doing controversial things before movie release, Aamir khan decided to brand India as unsafe for his wife and kids. Unfortunately for him though, it was extremely ill timed it seems. Overnight, he went onto become a big villain from a big socially conscious hero. I think he misjudged the mood of people who have become fed of agenda driven politics designed to demean Indian culture of Santana dharma. Government justifiably distanced itself from him in all forms and would continue to do so till the present dispensation is around here. I think its a swift and clear cut message to all that politically inspired attacks against the government policy will not be dealt with kid gloves anymore or be ignored or just get tolerated. 56 inch comment was reference to this no nonsense policy it seems. Criticize if you really feel bad but if you time it to hamper the political agenda, government will come into picture and will ensure that befitting response is given. This clearly demonstrate the will to take swift and decisive action and that’s one difference from NDA 1 government.

In another instance, Anupam Kher decided to become vocal against his critics when he got awarded Padma Vubhushan and in the process exposed lot of double speak. Following exchange between him and Shashi tharoor is classic example of double speak.


Anupam Kher, as a member of persecuted community of Kashmiri Pandits, have all reasons to believe that their Hindu identify led to their upheaval from their roots. Why should Tharoor rap him on it as against the oft repeated  avowed stance of Congress to stand with persecuted folks? Rather than being sympathetic to his cause of getting KP back to valley, Tharoor is mocking him. Once again though, a cry baby underestimated the might of the adversary. Anupam kher very justifiably responded in the same manner in which he was attacked and the cry baby went back to his trollish defense.

These two instances definitely shows the resolve of Indian people that we now have to become serious to save our way of life and try to preserve our land from the constant attack of faith based ideologies. Once we get uprooted from here, there will be nowhere else left to follow dharmic traditions of looking after our own karma and be in sync with nature. We have entered a decisive phase like during the attack of Alexander when Chanakya had to exhort everyone to stand against the incoming threats. Its time for unity and show of strength to preserve what is left of our land and our way of life. If we do not stand up today, world will be reduced to the desert land and humankind will have no future under materialistic philosophy that originated from middle east and engulfing everyone. Its time for everyone to stand up and declare that we reject all kind of faiths and believe in living by common sense for the greater good of humanity. India again has to show the way to world but it cannot do it if does not survive. And it won’t survive with the likes of Aamir, Tharoor, Javed, Shabana etc at the center stage. Its truly the time to push these folks off the stage and re capture the narrative.

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How not to demand your rights? Trupti Desai way.

Some activists from Pune are demanding that women be given access to sanctum sanctorum of shani shignapur temple defying age old tradition of that being not the tradition. There can be scientific reasons or plain stupidity behind this rule but how defying this tradition will help cause of women empowerment in any way?

They cite the constitution to ask for equality everywhere. Its a fair point, but constitution has left the question of religious beliefs to religious experts and chosen to toe the line of religious practices prevalent since long.

Constitution never talked about preferential treatment to anyone but government in its right mind does extend it to many including women by way of special provisions. There are quotas and other special provisions for them everywhere to bridge the gap. Will these activists now ask for scrapping of those provisions as per constitution?

Constitution never talked about right to worship at any place by anyone. If that is allowed by law then muslims offering namaz on roads will be legal and no one can be stopped from prayers in government offices. Will trupti desai also go for this cause?

In my view, she seems to be propped up pawn for some political machinations who has created a new issue for cheap publicity. Maharashtra government did right thing stopping them and maintaining law and order. These mindless troublemakers must be dealt with heavy hands of law.

If trupti desai really is so prayer hungry, nothing stops her from doing so in her home. This is a cheap publicity stunt and nothing else.

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