Net neutrality farce played out in India

I am suddenly getting a feeling that an elaborate fraud was stage managed in India recently with the active collaboration of TRAI, FB, JIO, Airtel and other unknown actors.

Evidently, net neutrality proponent won and they are thumping chests triumphantly, but it seems to a orchestrated campaign to let a real evil get entry through backdoor while keeping scared about an imaginary monster of huge proportions.

FB, Airtel and Reliance did not spend so much money for nothing. In coming times, their real gains from this managed drama will soon start coming.  I do not know what those gains are or what backdoor has been opened but something has been done for sure. Total Victory of net neutrality campaign against giants like FB, Reliance etc is too good to be true. These big corporations will not give up so easily.

Most likely scenario seems to be the propping up of dummy opponents who kept making lot of noises by hijacking the agenda smartly while letting the real agenda hidden.

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