Well orchestrated campaigns to derail governance

What’s happening now or in last one year, has been a very co ordinated and well oiled campaign to malign government by using bait and trap system. Someone somewhere makes a inflammatory statement and get a fall guy to come in front. State has no choice but to detain the fall guy as he was in forefront and no action would mean setting precedent.

Rohith vemula, kanhaiya kumar etc are just a bait used by sinister forces to force government to use action against the clueless student leaders.

Its a very well known fact since long that most government educational institutions have turned into a den of lawlessness by unproductive folks. Most of JNU, HCU, AMU alumni from non science background are utterly unemployable except in similar institutions. They just have no inclination to take anyone forward. If they are so anti government, what forced them to study in a subsidised institutions. They can always leave and wage ideological wars. Why taking money from state whom they consider as the tool of oppression. Who pays for 15k per month of folks like Rohith? None of the tax paid by poor goes into this subsidy? Where is there concious living in swanky JNU campuses whwn poor lives in laxminagar and yamuna par? Where is the sensibility of them when their leaders use AC cars?

Anti India forces are financing the students to issue provocative statements and indulge in crass behavior.

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