Political hypocrisy and ignorance of Indian English media

Kejriwal is running Delhi government 1 year achievement advertisement in ETV Bihar. It clearly states his name. From any stretch of imagination, it does not make sense. Majority viewers of this channel are in Bihar not in Delhi. One justification could be the migrant population in Delhi, but that’s like yudhishthir’ half truth. An advertisement about honesty is run with dishonest intentions to influence a section of voters from entire Delhi. What else is political dishonesty? How he is different from an average politician appeasing a section to defeat other?

No English media will show any outrage on this. They remind modi of achche din but should not they remind kejriwal also of honest intentions?

Next is outrage on patriotism. It has been picked up wholesale from western outrage about army being used for the purpose of advancing political goals. The crucial difference though is no empire making by India. Western nations used patriotism to exhort folks to enlist for expansionism while Indian armed forces are involved in defending against the invaders stationed in Pakistan. Every political party uses state machinery but the scale of it is outrageous in western countries. Enlisted men dying in Iraq needs heavy dose of patriotism which definitely needs opposition in universities. Army dying in Kashmir is not expansionism but protection against it. Slight oversight in Kargil created a big incident. We need to be over vigilant and English media chooses to gloss over it. They keep expressing their outrage using western monikers and then wonder why TRP is going down.

Its time for English media to fold and leave journalism to Hindi media which does not think in Oxford traditions of last 200 years created in reaction to British expansionism. We have had enough of their outrage against our sensibilities. We cannot lose our only home to become like Jews who had to endure multiple persecutions to get back their Homeland.

There is attack on non organized religious places like India and China from religious NGOs. English media has become a tool in their hand and its time to throw them out.

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