LS Election 2014 analysis – 1

Bihar election results Courtesy NDTV.Com

LS 2014 election results for Bihar

LS 2014 election results for Bihar

The blue part shows the influence of Muslim voters on the election results. These parts were not having that many muslim votesr earlier. It is recent phenomenon that happened due to Bangladeshi infiltrators coming via WB and settling in these areas. BJP votes also got increased due to Modi being the candidate from Benares.

All India Results

All India Results

If we see the all India voting, we can easily see that the BJP fared very badly in Eastern seaboard states. This is not the rejection of BJP, but more of the national politics. Delhi based politics has managed to alienate people from these far flung states very much. AP was till now with central trends, but even that is now gone away.

Andhra Results for LS 2014

Andhra Results for LS 2014

In Andhra pradesh, YSR has been rejected by more prosperous belts around vishakhapatnam and Vijaywada. This soundly proves the fact that Andhra folks never liked the rayalseema politicians. YSR congress could only win in the segments which are arid and where Jagan had successfully built lot of new churches during YSR regime.

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