Syria and the politics to find a reason to maintain middle east presence

Looking into various reports in the media, I get the feeling that the Syria situation is more about creating a situation where USA could justify presence of its military forces in middle east.

All of a sudden, we are informed that a dreaded force named ISIS/ISIL has emerged which can attack or harm anyone in the world. Even if this is considered true, we are yet to see a credible leader from this group who is not behind a black veil. All statements attributed to them comes through some social media sources or unconfirmed reports from western media sources. Why do these people need to be covered in all black? Why it is so difficult to stop fund flow to them? If I am not mistaken, financial sanctions against Iran and North Korea has been very successful, at least from western sources. Why the same cannot be done to ISIS/ISIL? After all, all areas around supposed ISIS territory are under direct USA control, either through NATO or through proxies.

The circus that’s continuing where everyone is pounding Syria trying to kill ISIS is extremely hilarious. Why everyone has to find ISIS in separate places? If they all agree that ISIS is real threat, what is stopping them from coming together with Bashar government and work to destroy Daesh? Is Bashar bigger threat than ISIS than no one is willing to work with him except Putin who has to intervene to stop yet another neighbor of Federation falling into western hands? How come ISIS surviving despite so much pounding since so long? And most importantly, what happened to the earlier dreaded group Al-Qaeda that was supposed to have branches everywhere? A lot of unanswered questions and any answer only comes via western media sources who have shown their sheer willingness to follow USA official policy since time immemorial. Their credibility is at the lowest now given their past of transmitting wrong facts provided by administration continuously.

I can keep presenting various arguments but most important point is who wants USA to maintain its military presence in middle east continuously? USA continues to find one or another excuse to keep its military around red sea and Persian gulf in full numbers. I know the answer it seems but then do not have concrete proof.

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