Politics of intolerance and its fallouts

Egged on by someone and with a time tested Bollywood as well as own strategy of doing controversial things before movie release, Aamir khan decided to brand India as unsafe for his wife and kids. Unfortunately for him though, it was extremely ill timed it seems. Overnight, he went onto become a big villain from a big socially conscious hero. I think he misjudged the mood of people who have become fed of agenda driven politics designed to demean Indian culture of Santana dharma. Government justifiably distanced itself from him in all forms and would continue to do so till the present dispensation is around here. I think its a swift and clear cut message to all that politically inspired attacks against the government policy will not be dealt with kid gloves anymore or be ignored or just get tolerated. 56 inch comment was reference to this no nonsense policy it seems. Criticize if you really feel bad but if you time it to hamper the political agenda, government will come into picture and will ensure that befitting response is given. This clearly demonstrate the will to take swift and decisive action and that’s one difference from NDA 1 government.

In another instance, Anupam Kher decided to become vocal against his critics when he got awarded Padma Vubhushan and in the process exposed lot of double speak. Following exchange between him and Shashi tharoor is classic example of double speak.


Anupam Kher, as a member of persecuted community of Kashmiri Pandits, have all reasons to believe that their Hindu identify led to their upheaval from their roots. Why should Tharoor rap him on it as against the oft repeated  avowed stance of Congress to stand with persecuted folks? Rather than being sympathetic to his cause of getting KP back to valley, Tharoor is mocking him. Once again though, a cry baby underestimated the might of the adversary. Anupam kher very justifiably responded in the same manner in which he was attacked and the cry baby went back to his trollish defense.

These two instances definitely shows the resolve of Indian people that we now have to become serious to save our way of life and try to preserve our land from the constant attack of faith based ideologies. Once we get uprooted from here, there will be nowhere else left to follow dharmic traditions of looking after our own karma and be in sync with nature. We have entered a decisive phase like during the attack of Alexander when Chanakya had to exhort everyone to stand against the incoming threats. Its time for unity and show of strength to preserve what is left of our land and our way of life. If we do not stand up today, world will be reduced to the desert land and humankind will have no future under materialistic philosophy that originated from middle east and engulfing everyone. Its time for everyone to stand up and declare that we reject all kind of faiths and believe in living by common sense for the greater good of humanity. India again has to show the way to world but it cannot do it if does not survive. And it won’t survive with the likes of Aamir, Tharoor, Javed, Shabana etc at the center stage. Its truly the time to push these folks off the stage and re capture the narrative.

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