How not to demand your rights? Trupti Desai way.

Some activists from Pune are demanding that women be given access to sanctum sanctorum of shani shignapur temple defying age old tradition of that being not the tradition. There can be scientific reasons or plain stupidity behind this rule but how defying this tradition will help cause of women empowerment in any way?

They cite the constitution to ask for equality everywhere. Its a fair point, but constitution has left the question of religious beliefs to religious experts and chosen to toe the line of religious practices prevalent since long.

Constitution never talked about preferential treatment to anyone but government in its right mind does extend it to many including women by way of special provisions. There are quotas and other special provisions for them everywhere to bridge the gap. Will these activists now ask for scrapping of those provisions as per constitution?

Constitution never talked about right to worship at any place by anyone. If that is allowed by law then muslims offering namaz on roads will be legal and no one can be stopped from prayers in government offices. Will trupti desai also go for this cause?

In my view, she seems to be propped up pawn for some political machinations who has created a new issue for cheap publicity. Maharashtra government did right thing stopping them and maintaining law and order. These mindless troublemakers must be dealt with heavy hands of law.

If trupti desai really is so prayer hungry, nothing stops her from doing so in her home. This is a cheap publicity stunt and nothing else.

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