Most Social network turning into Media and Feminist shout fests

With my experience of Facebook, Reddit, Quora, Twitter etc, I am coming to conclusion that Political correctness and fake tears ends up overcoming genuine voices very soon on the social networks. Feminists and Journalists turn every new medium into their shout boxes where they shout out all dissenting voices through sheer numbers.

Where is the freedom of choice as promised by these social networks. I do not mind policing when someone is obnoxious is genuinely threatening or creepy but how can a genuine laugh over someone’s inability to get a joke be the matter of censor? Fearing the backlash from liberal media, most spam and abuse handling departments of social networks are getting over protective and thus throwing away genuine interesting voices away from their networks.

Facebook has turned into to0l for photo sharing and political number games.

Quora is full of me-too questions and answers and lot of noisy answers.

On Reddit, any non politically correct contents gets shouted down.

On twitter, feminists have created strong cabals that ends up getting anyone critical of them getting blocked.

Tumblr is lost cause anyway.

What should a minority or conservative opinion holder should do. He or she will simply leave the platform and become hardened in the face of shouting voices that gets more legitimacy. A vicious cycle will start that will them blame them for being hardened but what choices have been left to them? They came on social platforms after initial hesitations but they were either blocked or shouted down or ridiculed. Anyone questioning Journalists and Feminists gets reported en masse by same group of misguided folks who cannot handle any criticism of any sort or critical questioning.

A hardliner becomes even more hardliner and more intolerant then. What happened to the maxim that problems gets solved by conversation? Blocking and shouting down on Social networks is now akin to tribal scenarios where most vocal group would find its motion being approved even if it is illogical.

Good luck Politically correct activists. You are digging your own graves because your only skill is shouting. Hard work was never your forte and that is what will bring you down eventually.

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