Curious case of environment warriors

Today, I received this message on whatsapp

Now today is April 8th. This is season of fruits like mango, jamun,  jack fruit Etc. My request is if anybody of us consuming these fruits kindly don’t throw the seeds, wash them and keep it in a plastic pouch and whenever you go out and find barren land or travelling on a highway throw these seeds. If with our this act if we can contribute a single tree our mission is successful. This is not at all my idea lots of people in Maharashtra joined this wonderful mission. I was reading article on this in the morning so why not all of us also join this. My request. Pl forward to all groups….

We use electricity to charge everything needed for a whatsapp conversation including networks, servers and phones. 99% of messages are junk or porn or things like that. A lot of damage is done is done to environment in the process including tree cutting. Are we now trying to get rid of that guilt by such messages?

Every bit of our life is unsustainable. We expand cities to cover the ground with concrete and coal tar and then rue the lack of trees and rains. A lot of these structures will make these lands a barren land as and when our big cities start shrinking due to resource crunch. It won’t be easy to remove all these concrete and stones to start agriculture again. Definitely trees will come back again but such debris will take years to disintegrate.

There was a time when our highways used to be surrounded by trees and now we need such things. In the mad rush to build and expand roads, we have killed and killing so much plantation that it has stopped making news anymore. Sustainability is nowhere. Al gore and others jet set around the world to talk about environment. A real warrior will avoid such trappings to use industrial stuff for raising environmental awareness. As you can say, I too am guilty of doing that but I am not an environment warrior. I have accepted that we are on the road to ruin and going with the flow. I hope warriors too stop their drivel and reach out to others through sustainable means while living a sustainable life. Running for president position is not sustainable. Sustainability should be demonstrated through lifetime of restraint not a lifetime of bullshit talks.

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