Justice and law do not coincide

Many have mistaken belief that justice is done when a law is enforced. I think that this is not the case in majority of scenarios. It serves ruling class to perpetuate this myth through media.

What laws do is to enforce order. People are required by laws to behave in a certain manner so as to not rock the boat of statehood. Who gets benefited by stable boats? Its not the folks in the belly working on engines. They rarely fall out off the bridge. Its always the folks at upper deck who fears drowning and they thus need the boat to be stable and therein lies the need for heavy propaganda that judicial system is meant for giving justice. No number of laws can anticipate all scenarios, but when we enforce that every judgement must conform to the letter of the law, it leads to trouble. We get insensitive judges and juries who simply enforces laws without looking at full context and giving chance to someone to reform.

Looking at tax laws only, what we see is that 50% of our incomes are appropriated by state in this or that way. After paying that much, we still have to pay for smooth roads as tolls, parking places, medicine (direct or insurance) and education. Where is the justice in this? A vicious system is at play which is self serving justifying heavy tax rates. Whatever we are doing, there is a tax involved. Whatever we are buying, there is indirect tax involved. And where does that go? A lot of that is spent on unnecessary bureaucracy and security. Some people died in 9/11 and now every country has paranoid kind of security regime at airports? Why does an internal flight in India has to spend so much on security?

Look at criminal laws. Despite knowing well, judges are unable to stop VIPs from enjoying hospital stays. People like Salman khan manages to get away from multiple incidences. Where is the justice? At the same time, poor are not able to get out of jail or avoid police like a plague. isn’t the governance supposed to make it easy?

Governments acquire land and then area slowly becomes inaccessible to general public. Government offices, private factories, roads etc are built for the pleasures of few. Airports are allowed to acquire thousands of acres in their surrounding and land owners become 4th class employees. Where is justice? Only laws are enforced. Wherever a normal citizen go, he/she has to pay tax or toll or some kind of entry fee. Where out taxes are going then? In building swanky stadiums where only few can play or creating futuristic looking building with 1000 air conditioners? Or giving generous LTA allowance to government employees? Where is the justice in uprooting one set of folks to install another set of folks there from other places? Why does government  ever acquire land for housing for its employees or for city dwellers? Who really needs planned cities with their high costs?

After writing this post, I came across a John Oliver video brilliantly making this point which is embedded below.

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