Protests and prosecution of pranking done by media

I think its high time that people should consider suing media houses who does the pranking of innocent citizens going about their day to day job. In my view, this is extreme victimization and making mockery of someone’s inability to be at the same intellectual level as media editors. In my dealings with media folks, I have largely found them to be arrogant and ignorant except for current affairs. What gives them right to humiliate poor folks on live TV or live transmission then? Where is the right to reasonable privacy in these scenarios. Shows with pranking are not social content or fits in largely beneficial category that making mockery should be condoned.

If it happens to me ever, I will consider suing the presenters, producer and media houses for defamation. Its quite a different matter to make mockery in one to one scenarios, but transmitting it to world at large should be punishable with monetary fines unless the person involved has given the express permission in written document and is being compensated monetarily just like any actors in TV programme. If they waive it, its their choice, but they are performers in true sense and channels/shows make money by airing their ignorance.

I think the time has come to regulate media more strictly and make them accountable to society rather than to their ratings. If it does not happen, media must not expect any special treatment nor should they be extended any special privileges. In any case, they are extremely irrelevant in the internet era except for few newspapers. Surprisingly, much maligned print papers have better standards in this aspect.

Just a news article that came today with some similar tone.
Public shaming gets a makeover on Facebook, Twitter
Although it concludes with a different tone, but it also highlights the fact that unchecked activism can be dangerous. Prankers typically justify their action as exposing the ignorance, but mostly its a tool to derive pleasure. The clampdown is thus sorely needed.

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