Nestle and Peter Brabeck’s approach to Water as Human rights

I am highly disturbed by the videos shared at

Does Nestlé Chairman Peter Brabeck-Letmathe believe that water is a human right?

Its horrible to know the kind of thinking that went into such mindset where water beyond 100 liter per person per day is considered a fair game for commercialization. I am really aghast at the arrogance shown by Peter Brabeck, the then CEO of Nestle in 2005, in both the videos where profitability is only motive driving him. What kind of people really walk amongst us? In first video, He cold-heatedly declares that there is a need to make available water available beyond 100 liter per capita at a location for private enterprises. In second one, Nestle PR team decided to give a spin to the whole controversy by making it sound like that he has recanted. He did not ! He is still a same hot headed guy who refuses to look at camera since he was forced to say things opposite to his beliefs. First video when he was CEO in 2005 has a bubbly confident person declaring that they want to enslave humans again by controlling water usage. It is in such a contrast with second PR video. Even after denials in second one, we can pick up few points like his determination of what constitutes public and private good.

The biggest question is how anyone can manage his vision of a regulated water where some amount is public property and rest is to be charged. One way is to put remaining one in the  hands of corporates for sale as dreamt by him. If this rationing becomes prevalent, how would anyone entertain guests at their home? Would they need to pay for extra water consumed by guests? How would the sum of 100 liter be counted when someone is also working? Will there be water cards that will be connected to Nestle HQ & taps and these will only work when “Nestle water cards” are swiped? The future as per Brabeck is the one where he controls all the taps and releases water only when people pay up. What would happen during emergencies? Will people need to first recharge water cards to stay alive when they are down in life?

I am entirely convinced that these represents the true version of Nestle’s vision for the world, a world where people will finally be needed to pay for extra air also when exercising because as per Brabeck, that too would be luxury, to use extra air when exercising. I dread that day, but it seems the grip of global enterprises on things essential for human body is slowly becoming a death grip. He espoused the cause of GM crops in the same videos which are termed as good since no one got sick from them in last 15 years. How about the sugar and Chemicals? No one got sick from them in the beginning of their life nor does anyone from inhaling cigarette smokes. Will Nestle start selling these now? In the same video, he also proclaims that 4.5 million are dependent on him. That’s a gross megalomania. It sounded like that without Nestle, those folks would be beggars. Is that the case?

RIP the humanity and stupid NGO still trying to save it. Brabeck and clan will not let you live. Welcome to the controlled world of mismanaged priorities where profits trump everything and things essential for human life are also for sale to the highest bidder. And this champion of mismanaged priorities is running a water blog at, how ironic? Governance was supposed to be to have minimal effect on us by just putting some regulations in place for common goods, but that boundary seems to have been crossed long time back. Nothing is sacrosanct. Instead of protecting public life, Governance is about regulating it now. Everything is up for sale and stupid citizens are living in stupid dreams that they have some freedom. If water too is controlled, where would we end?

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