Updating Aadhar information for indane connection

Retrieve consumer number & dealer phone number from http://spandan.indianoil.co.in/transparency/. Keep Addhar number handy

Call 18002333555 and inform your Aadhaar number and mobile number to the call center.
Call center number works from 9 am to 8 pm. See http://indane.co.in/aadhaar-seeding.php for more details. It also has link to do everything online via UIDAI website, but better avoid it.

If Aadhar is linked to bank account, this should take care of subsidy transfer. As part of current KYC drive, banks should allow you to update Aadhar number against the account.

To book cylinder, use IVRS number from http://indane.co.in/ivrsprocedure.php.

For Bangalore, these numbers are
IVRS Number    SMS Number
8970024365    8970024365
This facility gives you choice to select preferred language. Listen carefully.

Or you can use SMS facility as mentioned in http://indane.co.in/smsprocedure.php. This facility does not work everywhere. Make sure to enter only numeric portion of consumer number.
Step 1. Register your mobile number Send REG distributor telephone number with STD code without zero customer number (eg. REG 117654321 564321)
Step 2: From Registered Telephone number : UID Aadhaar number (eg. UID 343434343434) To IVRS numbers given below.

You can use http://spandan.indianoil.co.in/transparency/ to check aadhar linkage after 2 days.

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