What to take care when applying for a airtel postpaid connection in Bangalore

If you are looking for Airtel mobile connection, do not entertain anyone who promises to send an executive at your home for document connection. You must visit nearest ARC.

Never provide a security deposit without checking amount with customer care. Always give security deposit by cheque. Always check with customer care before giving security deposit.

Never allow anyone to fill your form. Fill all details yourself.

Never interact with or entertain ravikumar.n@in.airtel.com/+919845116280. You aren’t likely to find more cunning person ever.

Always check the number allotted to you on internet. In my case, the number allotted was earlier issued to some prostitution ring pimp who had spread it everywhere. I was forced to cancel the connection in 2 days. Make sure to check it before activation. Ask for different number otherwise.

Rental agreement is of no use. They will take it to allow them to fill address. Do not provide it.

never be in a hurry to update the number with your friends or other service providers. Wait for a week before updating it everywhere else.

Make sure to fill up correct email id and permanent address in the form.

Make sure to fill up the form on a hard surface. Carbon applied below the main form does not work otherwise.

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