Address update at various places in Bangalore

After shifting to Bangalore recently, I had to update my address at various places. Few things that I learned are as follows

ICICI Bank banking accounts communication address

You can update communication address by creating service request on the website.

To update Mobile number, you can go to nearest ICICI ATM and do it using the More options menu item on top screen. Other option is to walk-in to any ICICI Bank branch.

ICICI Direct demat account communication address

You can update Mobile number, landline and email id on the website under customer service section after login.

To update the communication address, you must have either Aadhar card or PAN card or passport. After that, these are your choices

  • If your ICICI banking account is not linked with demat account, you will have to visit the nearest ICICI branch with demat services to update it. They will not accept rental agreement. Either an affidavit or government issue address proof is required.
  • If your ICICI banking account is linked but either of bank account or demat account is less that 6 months old, same as above applies.
  • If your ICICI banking account is linked with demat account and both are more than 6 months old, you should first update the address in the banking account. Wait for 2 working days. After that, you can send self attested copy of government issue address proof to the address given on their website. If you do not have government issue address proof, majority of people, you must visit branch to update address. Branch team will generate the savings bank statement, attest it and then send these to their Mumbai office for address updation.

KYC Update

Once their is significant change in KYC documents submitted earlier, it is your responsibility to update these. You will need to do it separately for both bank account as well as the MF accounts linked with demat account. Both can be done with same set of documents which are PAN card for id proof and a government issued card for address proof. One saving grace here is that the landline bills are also recognized as valid address proof, even the Airtel one.

To submit documents for bank account, you will have to visit any ICICI bank branch. To submit document for MF accounts, you will need to visit the ICICI Direct branch, not the demat desk in a bank branch.

Gas agency

These people accept the xerox of rental agreement as address proof. You will still need to provide Aadhar card or PAN card as id proof. They will also insist on submitting a affidavit stating that there is no other connection in your place. There will be a tout sitting in the agency office to whom agency people will pass all your documents. He will offer to make affidavit in Rs 250 for a Rs 20 stamp paper. Mostly he will use a old affidavit by using the whitener on it. Its a nice little fraud. Agency will also give you a rubber tube forcibly for Rs 170, another little scam.

Airtel Broadband connection

These people accepts the rental agreement as address proof. You should get it ASAP. This can work as address proof conveniently. They will also need Aadhar or PAN card as id proof.

Vehicle Transfer or second hand vehicle purchase

There is no hope if you try to get any work done on yourself. You must contact some nearest driving school. These people will accept rental agreement as address proof. PAN card or Aadhar card will also be needed as ID proof. 2 passport size photos will be needed for the process. This may be needed when you purchased second hand vehicle or transferring from other state.

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