Car Lessons for new car owner from service sector

How to learn good driving

  1. Drive as much possible in first one year. Learn driving on your car towards the end of initial driving training. Take it to office everyday. Avoid busy traffic hours in the beginning. Take car to all movie outings, team outings and any possible opportunities. No better ay to learn it than taking it for spin on lawless Indian roads.
  2. Make sure to have reverse parking sensor. IR based sensor is must. Video screen is optional.
  3. Learn to Use handbrakes as soon as possible. Learn to use it for handling car stuck on upward incline. A complex maneuver involving clutch, accelerator and handbrake can move car forward without it slipping back on upward incline.
  4. Familiarize yourself with car tire changing tricks.
  5. Do not bother with catching scratches in first year of ownership. Those are inevitable. Try to drive in straight line as much as possible.
  6. Use side mirrors extensively. Better buy car with electric OVRM.
  7. Drive with AC on and windows closed and some light music. It makes your hair and body clean and dampens outside noise that has tendency to irritate. make sure to turn off music when in very crowded traffic or when parking.
  8. Turn off music also when starting the car. Start it back once you are comfortably cruising on the road.
  9. Use headlight blinking to ask for overtake. Avoid overtaking from wrong side.

Must Carry things in car

  1. Torch, Small Fevi kwik pouches
  2. Glass breaker like
  3. A steel water bottle like . Water in plastic bottles exposed to sunlight can go bad in taste.
  4. Pen and paper for noting down things quickly
  5. Good car charger from reputable companies. If you have smartphone, belkin has good charger.
  6. An umbrella.
  7. Car cover. Very useful when going out.

Good to have things

  1. Bluetooth enabled music system to pickup call while driving
  2. A set of slippers.

Things to carry on long trips

  1. Plenty of water in 5 litre bottles.
  2. A plastic bucket and few newspapers. Good to clan the car on your own.
  3. Clear tapes of strong quality. In case windscreen or something get broken, it can be used as replacement.
  4. Car Cover.

Things to take care in general

  1. Keep air pressure in the middle range of recommended manufacturer range unless car is overloaded. Never go by what car mechanics says. Over inflated tires lead to bad suspension and bumpy ride.
  2. Use good quality synthetic oil.
  3. Make sure car exterior is cleaned almost every day.
  4. use external protection solutions like Teflon coating etc on regular basis.
  5. Know how to open your car bonnet.
  6. When in rainy season, run AC inside the car, Fog will develop otherwise immediately.

Things to take care when on highway

  1. Neck and shoulder pain can happen during long drives. Make sure to keep driving seat almost straight to avoid this.
  2. Always dim your light to oncoming traffic.
  3. Fill up tank as many times as possible. You will never have enough when taking emergency detour.
  4. Give way to anyone asking for it.
  5. Use blinkers to ask for overtake. Regular highway users appreciate it.
  6. Never overtake a long line of lorries in one shot. Cross two lorris at a time and then wait.
  7. Never try to follow an overtaking vehicle. Let him finish overtaking manoeuvrings and then start your own procedure.
  8. Slow down and blink when approaching a bend, bump or incline in the road.
  9. Avoid overtaking when the temporary incline in the road has decline on other side. You do not know what is coming from other side.
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