Distraction free world for a Technology worker

Let’s say you have chosen IE not to start with its default option of going to some Microsoft page on opening and chosen to go with New tab option. Off course, I am referring to IE 8 onwards. I have opened the Internet explorer to stare at previously opened tag. Facebook is first in the list. 9 out of 10 times, I open facebook and then keep browsing and liking it. And before it is known, hours are spent doing socializing while  I had perhaps opened the laptop for some productive work in mind. This is called as Facebook addiction in my view. No way of getting away from it. There is limited solution for it though. Once we decide to close the facebook suggestion from frequently used tab, IE makes sure that it will not be shown again. I think it is a hugely useful feature to get rid of facebook addiction. If it is not staring in your face when opening the browser windows, chances of opening it as first tab are low.

I am yet to find the solution for browsing addiction on my mobile, especially when unable to sleep. Keeping mobile nearby has advantages, but not able to browse on it while unable to sleep is big distraction.

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