Design philosophy of technology world

With Steve jobs gone, apple came up with a workable design partly copied from multiple sources. Nothing revolutionary there. Microsoft is not known for revolutionary design ever. Google is just keeping up with cramming more and more things in Android. They are extending UNIX philosophy of creating infinite nifty utilities. But then they UNIX was never any kind of design god in aesthetic sense. Its always utilitarian model. Palm and BB are history. Japanese are in retreat. Koreans can make cute stuff, but not something that is irresistibly sexy. Chinese will always be obstructed by their attention to fine-tune things.

Who then is going to bring up next macho thing in technology? Is it Indians, a quintessential underdog known to provide long lasting legacy to world? Something is cooking up somewhere. Bangalore is quietly changing itself to make big splash. Will it lead the race to provide next stable consumer technology icon? I think it may be possible. Let’s wait.

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