Do not feel sleepy on wheels

A persistent problem these days in India is of drivers feeling sleepy even when driving short distances and fully refreshed.

The problem is with the plastic based interiors & rise of factory fitted AC cars. AC cars have airtight system. With the pathetic case about removing sun films, most of the cars parked for long time have their interiors exposed to heavy heat via clear glass windows. Resulting heat generates some heavy air which stays in the car on lower side. Most of the time, drivers get into the car, close doors immediately, start the car, turn on AC and drive away. Heavy air stays in the car making occupants feel sleepy.

My solution is as follows
1> Before entering car, open all doors fully for 2 minutes. Some heavy air will skip out.

2> Close back doors, but keep front doors open half to be able to close them from driver seat later on.

3> Start the car and turn on blower in full speed while letting it blow to foot area. Open the back door windows half to create ventilation effect.

4> Close front doors after 2 minutes and keep driving. Keep back windows open for 5 more minutes while lowers the blower speed.

5> Change the blower direction as needed after closing back windows again.

Doing it every morning before going to office and coming back from office has made my Tata vista drive much pleasant.

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One Response to Do not feel sleepy on wheels

  1. Gautam says:

    Another reason is also the car perfume used which makes the air heavy at times

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