Find my phone issue on Windows phone 8

Excited with my new Nokia Lumia, I decided to try out its various features. One of them is “Find My Phone” which promises to ring your phone if you have lost it. It also promises to lock and erase data if chosen. To do the same, you should go to the, sign in using your outlook account and go to to see options. I thought to try out Ring option. Phone is kept next to me and the site could not find it. I tried all obvious things and nothing worked. But, then I got it working.

Reason was the wrong phone number in Payment profile @ . Somehow 1 from ISD code +91 had moved to the mobile number field. Once I edited that, phone started ringing. To get that page, you will have to click “Edit payment Info” or “View billing info” in . You will be asked for password again. Once that is done, you are good to go.

Another thing that I learned along the way is that Internet needs to be enabled on the phone. This makes it useless in case of phone having went into some crevices or inhospitable zones. This should be clearly called out in the error message on the webpage.

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