Srisailam trip from Hyderabad

Things that I learnt during this trip

When driving on Ghat roads, one should approach bends in the road with slow speed and stay on our side of road even on bends. Taking long turns can block incoming vehicles.

Never eat rice before starting on the ghat road trip.

There are 4 ghat sections when going from srisailam to Hyderabad. First one is a bit easy due to easy slopes and nice bends. It spans both sides of the river ending in the temple town. Second one starts the forest reserve section. It has dangerous bends. Third and fourth one are relatively easy. There are steep ups and downs in each of these resulting in the slight weightlessness feeling in the ears. Keep breathing hard.

Feeding monkeys is not permitted in the forest reserve.

There are lot of mutts running semi-commercial establishments for accommodations. Brokers lingers around in the vicinity of ganga sadan to lure people to those ones. Make sure to check rooms before giving them donations and signing receipts.

Good restaurants do not open before 12.30 for lunch. Wait for them to open. Food in other hotels is too spicy.

Even on Saturday, if waiting patiently for 1 hour till 7.30, there is no need to take Atishighra darshan ticket of Rs 100.

Petrol bunk (pump) does not accept credit cards. Generally credit card is not acceptable. Carry enough cash.

Make sure to ask along the way for correct directions. Lot of turns in the road needs asking around.

One can manage in Non-AC rooms also.

Try to sit inside temple compound during evenings. Its a nice feeling.

Ropeway and boating can be done in 1.30 hours.

Airtel Edge network does not work or work very slow on weekends.

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